Nice to meet you!

          We are fully bonded and insured, affording an extra measure of protection. We can provide a multitude of references to ensure that you receive direct input from clients who have experienced our professional care. We have a background rich in experience that has influenced the exceptional service we provide today and will continue to provide in the future. We abide by a strong set of ethics in order to serve in the best interest of our clients and their companions. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity for you to meet with your Cloud 9 sitter for a consultation within the comfort of your home before any services begin. This means that you and your companion(s) will receive a thorough introduction to the person who will be acting as your "second best"!

The safety and security of your pets and your home is of the utmost importance to us. Cloud 9 Companion Care maintains insurance and bonding through Pet Sitters Associates and we are registered with the State of Texas.

In addition, Cloud 9 Companion Care is a registered member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters as well as Professional United Pet Sitters. We strive to pursue continuing education in animal care and behavior to stay abreast of the latest information that best serves your beloved companions.



About the Owner


Welcome! I am Stephanie Artz and I am the proud owner of Cloud 9 Companion Care! Like others in my trade, I have loved and LIVED animals my entire life. My experience with animals and family pets started at a very early age as I spent much of my childhood visiting my grandparent's "country place" right outside of San Antonio. With my grandfather as a patient, gentle mentor, I developed a deep admiration and respect for nature through his teachings of science and the natural world around us. He instilled a solid base of empathy that, to this day, fuels my compassion for humans and non-humans alike.

      Over the past 20 years, I have worked with all kinds of small and large animals in a hands-on and professional capacity across multiple settings. Past roles include: 3 years as a pet store associate, 4 years as an animal caretaker for the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, 8 years as an assistant within a busy 24-Hr Veterinary Hospital, and 8 years as a pet-sitter. I also have thorough experience working with and alongside local animal rescues. In 2005, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (heavy emphasis on Biological Sciences) from Texas A&m University in College Station. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Master's Degree in Psychology in 2013.


Though my employment background is dominated by experience with animals, I have also pursued career paths involving human care and advocacy. Though my reasons for following these lines of work were noble, I was not as satisfied personally and professionally as I am when working with animals.

     Cloud 9 Companion Care was borne from a desire to integrate a lifetime wealth of skills, knowledge, and experiences so I may continue to pursue a labor of love with animals while still following my passion to help their human counterparts.  I truly love what I do and I am very thankful to have the privilege to work with so many amazing clients and their wonderful animal companions!



Our Companions


In 2004, a co-worker found Panda abandoned on a country road, brought her to work, and I immediately became attached. At approximately 3 weeks old, she was a very small pup, covered in ant bites and fleas, underweight with parasites, and she had crusty eyes, indicating an infection. Panda received immediate veterinary attention and recovered quickly. She has been attached to my hip since then and she has been an extremely loyal, affectionate companion who never ceases to amaze me with her intelligence and goofy personality. She LOVES to run, enjoys wind-surfing during car rides, is absolutely crazy about sprinklers (or water in general), and one of her favorite past-times is removing caps from plastic water bottles!



In 2008, I was driving along I-37 in Southeast San Antonio when I witnessed Dodger trotting across the highway. In horror, I watched as he was hit by the underside of an 18 wheeler. I waited for a safe opportunity to grab him and intended to transport him to the nearest clinic to help ease his suffering in a peaceful environment.  However, the WONDERFUL staff at 4 Paws Animal Hospital jumped into action and Dr. Jaimez was confident that Dodger had a chance. After a few days of intensive care, Dodger was able to go home with much bruising and most of his ribs fractured. Following a month of kennel rest and treatment for a tick-borne disease, Dodger was like a brand new dog!

I was never able to find his owner, but I admit that I'm glad Dodger has become a part of my family. Dodger is most happy when he is able to curl up next to you and get plenty of rubs. He also loves car rides, playing with other dogs, and munching on rawhides!