Additional Services


Pet Taxi

One Way: $25   (< 10 miles)          Round Trip: $40  (< 10 miles)

Waiting Time:  $5 for every 15 minutes

Do you ever find yourself wishing that your vet, groomer, or trainer would tailor their hours in accordance with YOUR schedule? Our pet taxi service affords you the time and freedom to allow your pets to keep their appointments without interruption of care by other professionals!

We will safely and punctually transport your pets to the veterinarian, groomer, trainer, dog park, doggy day care, or other approved locations. Cats are transported in individual kennels and kept secure within the cabin of the vehicle. Dogs are either transported in a kennel or they are secured within the car using a dog safety belt that attaches to a seat belt. Exotics and pocket pets are transported in kennels or small carriers that are appropriate for their size, activity, and escape potential.

When we arrive to your pet's appointment, we can either drop off your pet and return when the appointment is finished, or we can wait with your pet throughout the entire visit.


Quick Groom

Nail Trims - $10

(0 - 30 pounds) - $20         (31 - 50 pounds) - $25       (51 + pounds) - $30

Does your dog need a quick tidying-up? A simple bath and a nail trim will please pets and owners alike! We come to you to save you the time and hassle of driving to a shop and coordinating drop-off and pick-up times.

At this time, we only offer a basic bathing service. If you have a pet that requires more detailed attention, such as shaving or a special cut, please let us know and we can provide recommendations for a grooming professional who can best meet your needs.

In addition, we do NOT do flea dips. If your pet has fleas, contact your veterinarian and ask for a control product such as Bravecto, Simparica, or Nexgard. Preventatives purchased from your veterinarian are the BEST methods of flea treatment and control. We will be happy to bathe your pet after such treatment has been applied!


House Sitting

30 Minute Visit: $18

If you don't have a pet or you're taking your pet with you, we can still keep a watchful eye on your home and give it a "lived-in" look while you're away! Our house sitting visits include security checks, light rotation, bringing in the mail and newspaper, putting the trash at the curb for pick-up, swimming pool checks, adjusting drapes and blinds, watering indoor and outdoor plants, and tending to any other minor household chores.


Lock-Out Service


Lost your key?  As long as we have a key on file, we'll gladly save you a call to the locksmith!

Just give us a call or send us a text and we will retrieve your key and bring it straight to you as soon as possible.