Dog Walking


Daily Rate

30 Minute Walk:  $18


    A Walk A Day Keeps The Vet Away?

It’s a well-known fact that dogs benefit immensely from physical and mental stimulation. However, busy schedules, last-minute obligations, long work days, or other personal limitations can keep you from taking your pup on the daily jaunts that he or she needs.

Good news: You can keep your dog happy, exercised, and healthy with the help of Cloud 9 Companion Care! Whether your pup requires daily or sporadic walks throughout the week, we offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Your dog may prefer a slow n’ steady outing, a moderate stroll, or a brisk adventure. Regardless of the pace, Cloud 9 Companion Care will tailor each walk to your dog’s comfort and physical ability.


Frequent walking affords major benefits to you and your canine companion. Regular socialization and exercise can have a calming effect that results in prevention or minimization of behavioral issues. Mid-day walks maintain a housebreaking routine that keeps you from worrying about rushing home to clean up any accidents. Increased physical fitness and mental stimulation offers significant health benefits that can add time to your dog's life. Your dog will spend less time alone, eliminating any guilt as you leave each day.


Cloud 9 Companion Care can walk your dog within the surrounding neighborhood or within nearby parks. A secure, properly-fitted collar/harness and leash outfitted with I.D. tags will be required at all times to keep your pet safe. We will ensure that your pet has plenty of access to water! Cloud 9 Companion Care does not offer large pack walks as this is an old-fashioned, *unsafe* method of exercising multiple dogs at once. Our maximum is two dogs per walk, but a third housemate may be included if approved by Cloud 9 Companion Care after an individual household evaluation. Our priority is your pet's safety!


This service does not have to stop at the end of the walk! If time allows, we can provide additional play time and belly rubs, give your pet a special (owner-approved) treat, reinforce training commands, do a quick brush-down, and also properly dispose of any waste generated during the visit.


In the event of inclement weather, we will ensure that your dog gets the most out of his or her visit. If heavy rain, ice, or extreme heat keeps your dog from a safe walk, we will find alternative indoor activities to stimulate your dog and provide satisfying interaction.