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Within your message, be sure to include the services you're interested in as well as brief information about your pets, where you are located, and your availability.  We will respond to you promptly to schedule the consultation and send you a New Client Packet to be filled out before our meeting!


What to Expect

The in-home consultation is an extended "meet and greet" that allows families and their companions to get to know their pet care professional before services are agreed upon and started. This meeting typically lasts between 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the number of pets you have and the detail regarding their care. We will use this time to introduce ourselves, meet your companions, acquire more information about your service needs, answer questions, complete initial paperwork, and test keys. We will also review any medications, go over feeding instructions, discuss routines, and get the "lay of the land".

If both parties agree to go forward, a service request must be completed and signed before services can be performed by Cloud 9 Companion Care. This service request is included within the New Client Packet and it can be reviewed and completed at the consultation.

  • Keys   Please have (2) sets of tested keys to provide to your Cloud 9 sitter. One set is kept with the sitter for the service period and the other set is kept within a secure, locked location. All keys are coded and cannot be traced to your personal information or home!
  • Payment   At this time, Cloud 9 Companion Care accepts payment through cash, check, and paypal. At the consultation, please have payment ready to cover the deposit for the initial service period. This amount will be determined at the consultation and documented on the service request.


Once these steps are completed, you and your companion are now part of the Cloud 9 family!