Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Services & Rates


Daily Vacation Visits

30 Minutes-  $20        45 Minutes-  $25        1 Hour-  $30

Perfect for owners needing lengthy visits or multiple visits throughout the day! If you are out of town, we recommend at least one visit a day for cats, and a minimum of three visits throughout the day for dogs.

For puppy visits, we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes to allow potty time, play and interaction, reinforcement of training commands, and cleaning of any accidents.

Depending on your pet's individual needs, we will feed, refill water, walk, administer medication, scoop litter, play, and inspect for any accidents. For your home, we will water the plants, check the mail, bring in the newspaper, close window coverings, and turn on or rotate lights to ensure an "at home" appearance.

Overnight Stays

Early Evening until Early Morning:   $65

With Added Mid-Day Visit:   $75

Keep your pet comfortable through the night and afford yourself added serenity with this extended visitation option.  We provide the care activities included in daily visits, happily give the love and attention your pet needs, and even let your pet share the bed! Morning and evening walks are included! Add on a discounted daily vacation visit to ensure your pet receives extra petting, play, and potty time at mid-day.


Should I Hire a Pet Sitter?

Do you travel for business or pleasure and need someone trustworthy to watch your pets and home while you're away? Does work keep you from spending as much quality time with your pet as you would like? Have you added a new puppy to your household who needs extra attention and training reinforcement throughout the day? Does your pet have special or medical needs that require frequent attention? Does your pet get anxious or depressed in unfamiliar environments?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, hiring a professional pet sitter is the perfect solution to meet your needs! Could 9 Companion Care offers daily vacation visits, quick potty breaks, and overnight stays in your home.


What Sets Professional Pet Sitters Apart From the Rest?


We often encounter this question when pet owners are new to the world of pet sitting and they aren't sure whether they should hire a professional pet sitter instead of a neighbor, friend, family member, or the college student who needs extra cash. It's an important question and the answer requires consideration of the significance of pets within our lives and the type of care we expect our pets to receive as a result.

Our society is ever-evolving and the realm of pet ownership is rapidly evolving right along with it. As of 2017, almost 70% of U.S. Households own pets! More people than ever are opening their hearts and homes to pets and it is now extremely common for owners to view their pets as family members. Bottom line: we love our pets and we want the best for them.

When arranging care for our family members, we don't want "good enough" or "bargain basement" because settling for such service just invites trouble and, sometimes, heartbreak. We want reliable, first-class care. In our absence, looking to friends, family, or neighbors as pet caregivers may be initially appealing due to perceived cost savings and convenience. But, is this option really the best?

Professional pet sitters are reliable caregivers with extensive experience. They are insured and bonded to provide you, your pet, and your home an extra level of protection. Professional pet sitters seek out and maintain other professional alliances that help them continue to fine-tune their knowledge and practices. They can provide a wealth of references to speak for their work ethic and they are naturally inclined to provide compassionate care. In addition to acting in the pet's best interest instinctively, professional pet sitters have great incentive to exceed owner expectations due to the investment the pet sitter has made in her own business and building client relationships. Furthermore, professional pet sitters provide an extra measure of protection to their clients by furnishing contracts that dictate how, when, and who shall perform the job. 


Alternatively, a neighbor, family member, friend, or college student is less likely to feel motivated to provide quality care. They may pop in and do the bare minimum to feed and interact with the pet. They may possess wildly varying degrees of (in)experience with animals that could translate to overlooking important signs of issues related to behavior or health, thus putting your pet at risk. They could decide to just not show up or to cease care in the middle of a job - a decision for which they would suffer NO repercussions while you're left to deal with the aftermath. 

Paying for the dependable, exceptional service of a professional pet sitter is absolutely worth the peace of mind.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

Benefits to pets

  1. Maintenance of feeding and exercise routines

  2. One-on-one love, playtime, and attention

  3. No separation from housemates

  4. Familiar sights, sounds, and smells

  5. Maintenance of any necessary medical treatment

  6. No exposure to noisy, stressful, foreign environments

  7. No confinement for lengthy periods of time

  8. No exposure to other animal's diseases or parasites

Benefits to You

  1. Knowledge that your pet is in capable, caring hands

  2. Confidence someone is present to handle emergencies

  3. Added security for your home

  4. Convenience of scheduling and visit updates

  5. No fuss over transport and facility pick-up/drop-off times

  6. No imposition on friends, family, or neighbors

  7. Savings in overall cost, especially for multi-pet homes

  8. Individual customization of visits to your pet's needs