Get ready...Jet set...Go!

Do you travel for business or pleasure and need someone trustworthy to watch your pets and home while you're away? Does work keep you from spending as much quality time with your pet as you would like? Have you added a new puppy to your household who needs extra attention and training reinforcement throughout the day? Does your pet have special or medical needs that require frequent attention? Does your pet get anxious or depressed in unfamiliar environments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, pet sitting is the perfect solution to meet your needs! We offer daily visits, quick potty breaks, and overnight stays in your home.

Cloud 9 Companion Care understands the importance of finding a pet sitter you can trust; a pet sitter who is reliable, personable, and concerned about the service he or she provides.

Empathy and compassion are driving forces behind the quality care provided by Cloud 9 Companion Care. We treat your pets as if they are our own!

Communication with our clients is important to us. We provide daily visit updates through text messages, email, and our client portal. If we have any concerns about your pet, we will notify you immediately!


Benefits to your Companion

  • Maintenance of diet, feeding, and exercise routines
  • One-on-one love, attention, and play time
  • No separation from other housemates
  • Familiar sights, sounds, and smells
  • Maintenance of medical treatment, if needed
  • No exposure to a noisy, stressful, foreign environment
  • No confinements for lengthy periods of time
  • No risk of exposure to other animals' diseases or parasites.

Benefits to You

  • Knowledge that your pet is in capable, caring hands
  • Confidence that someone is present to handle any emergencies
  • No worrying about the security of your home
  • Convenience of scheduling and visit updates
  • No worrying about transport and facility pick-up or drop-off times
  • No imposition on friends, family, or neighbors
  • Savings in overall cost, especially for homes with multiple pets
  • Individual customization to your pets' needs



Daily Visits

30 Minutes-  $20        45 Minutes-  $25        1 Hour-  $30

Perfect for owners needing lengthy visits or multiple visits throughout the day! If you are out of town, we recommend at least one visit a day for cats, and a minimum of three visits throughout the day for dogs.

For puppy visits, we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes to allow potty time, play and interaction, reinforcement of training commands, and cleaning of any accidents.

Depending on your pet's individual needs, we will feed, refill water, walk, administer medication, scoop litter, play, and inspect for any accidents. For your home, we will water the plants, check the mail, bring in the newspaper, close window coverings, and turn on or rotate lights to ensure an "at home" appearance.


Overnight Stays

7-8PM Until 7-8AM-  $60

Keep your pet comfortable through the night and afford yourself added serenity with this extended visitation option.  We provide the care activities included in daily visits, happily give the love and attention your pet needs, and even let your pet share the bed! Morning and evening walks are included! Add on a daily or relief visit during the day at regular price to ensure your pet receives extra petting, play, and potty time.


Quick Relief Visits

15 Minutes-  $15

If your pet just needs a short break while you're at work or around the town, this service fits the bill. With a 15 minute maximum, your pet will have time to let nature make a quick call! This short visit can also be utilized for litter box cleaning or even a third feeding.

*This service is not available in place of regular daily visits when pet owners are out of town. Subject to availability and proximity.